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Control – learn how one of the pilates principals can help fight depression.

Apr 26, 2017 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

Control Contrology – self control, control of ones body, control of ones mind.  How can this help you fight depression? Pure focus, perfect aim, putting all of your self into your body to complete a pilates exercise with perfect control takes us far away from our stress. It relieves us.  It reduces inflammation in the […]

Precision: A Pilates Principal

Mar 28, 2017 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

One of the 6 principals of pilates is precision. Accuracy – on target. With perfect control. From the middle. With breath.  You can’t have precision without the rest.  Precision grows from the middle. It streams from the breath, it wraps from the center of your belly, and stretches to the ends of your mind. It […]

Fall In Love With Taking Care Of Yourself.

Mar 17, 2017 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

Could falling in love with taking care of yourself be Godly?  Does it matter?    Taking care of our self is all over the cover of every magazine. Our culture is inundated with it.  It’s the theme in many mind-body classes.  But what does it mean?  Is it ultimately selfish?  Do we really understand it?  […]

Looking To Spice Things Up?

Feb 23, 2017 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

Pilates will do it. There’s nothing like getting into your body to help you feel in touch with your spicy side.  Pilates is well known for helping boast self esteem, helping posture, and increasing a new sense of excitement for life ~ all of which can spice things up everywhere. Not to mention, the strengthening […]

Listen Up – Your Body Is Speaking!

Feb 08, 2017 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

Listen up – your body is speaking! Can you hear it?  Your body is telling the story – past, present, and future.  Sending you wisdom.  Get out of your head, get into your body.  Feel. Your body needs your presence.  It needs your attention.  It needs your time. Don’t ignore it.  Or else the messages […]

Do you have inner peace?

Jan 22, 2017 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

Inner Peace How do you obtain it?  What is it?  Why is it important? Can we strive for it?  Can we earn it? Inner peace ~ can be from our Higher Power.  Our confident voice from above.  Inner peace can be from knowing you are on the right track.  It can come from giving to […]

Building A Life Works For You

Jan 14, 2017 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

How important is it for you to develop a life that works for you? A life that works for you means it flows. The give, the take, works. It may not be perfectly mapped out, but it- to some degree- has a plan. It includes food that works. Food that doesn’t cause conflict. Food that […]

A Case of the Mondays

Jan 09, 2017 by krista Category: Featured 0 comments

Too many people in the world hate Mondays. The stress of a new week, the chaos of getting back to the grind, and all of the things that go into leading our busy lives. The reality is that you can reset your day at any point. You can start over and restart your moment at […]

Happy New Year

Jan 09, 2017 by krista Category: Featured 0 comments

Coming to you today with a simple message among all the pressure of New Years Resolutions: Today is a New day, a New Year, and a New You!  We can start this year with new perspective. Grace. It’s simple: Grace.  Grace for yourself. Your health. Your life. Your relationships.  Grace for others.  Good health – mind, body, […]

Pilates in Parker releases exceptional pre-spring packages!

Feb 17, 2016 by Tammy Category: Featured 0 comments

Pilates in Parker is excited to announce our exceptional pre-spring packages!   January resolutions, snow days, cabin fever, spring dreams.   Breath and tension.  Strength and ease.  Work and rest, strong commitments, rebalancing perhaps.  January’s pressures are gone, spring dreams are closer in sight.   Rebalancing.  Recommitting.  Reorganizing.  Restructuring your year.  Committing to your personal […]