“Never slouch as doing so compresses the lungs, overcrowds other vital organs, rounds the back, and throws you off balance.”  Joseph Pilates

Where do I begin?  Bad posture simply causes pain.  It cuts off your ability to take an efficient breath.  It smashes your organs and crushes your bones. It puts tug on your joints, leaving you in a less than happy position. 

Proper posture takes energy.  It’s a sense of putting your strong feet on the ground and rooting them on the earth.  Then stacking your pelvis over the center of your ankles, without gripping your bones. Next, drawing your belly up and in, while aligning your shoulders over your ankles – without slamming your shoulder blades down. Lastly, feeling the center of your ear over the center of your shoulder that aligns with the center of your ankle. 

All of that seems like a lot of thought. When we were young this took little to no effort.  Now that foundation needs some work. What better way to improve your posture than pilates? 

To regain foundational work. To remove the build up and toll life has taken on our bodies. To start over.  Good posture will actually (when practiced over and over again) start to energize your body. You will feel better.  You will be able to take full breaths.  It will be pain relieving, you will feel as though you can do more at the end of your day.  

Pilates is worth every penny spent for this one reason: it’s good for your posture. 
If you would like to improve your posture, or even just fine tune it, give me a call at 303-243-0570 or drop me an e-mail at pilatesinparker@yahoo.com  I look forward to hearing from you!