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Two People Participating in a Reformer Pilates Class

Reformer/Pole Lessons

Pilates in Parker offers reformer classes in Levels 2/3 and Levels 4/5.  It as strongly advised that you attend a minimum of two private lessons before attending the reformer Pilates classes.  These are a faster paced class for those students that are ready for instruction in a group setting.

Contact Tammy Brighton for more information or to sign up for a group or private Pilates class in Parker, Colorado, just minutes from Centennial and Franktown!

Two People Participating in a Chair Pilates Class

Chair Lessons

Designed for 2-3 students, utilizing the Wunda Chairs. It is a fun and invigorating class.

Mat Lessons

Designed for 2-6 students in the studio, or 2-15 students out of studio (off-site location away from the studio).  These classes are performed without pilates equipment and compliments the work students do with the Pilates equipment classes.  All students are encouraged to attend both matt classes AND equipment classes, as one compliments the other.

Private Lessons

Designed for the individual needs of a person.  This is the fastest way to obtain individual goals.  Those new to the Pilates Method are strongly advised to start here.

Semi-private Lessons

Two students to this class that are nearly at the same level.  It is designed for those that are ready to learn in a slightly larger setting, while still getting very much personalized attention.  This is also a cost effective option for students on a budget.