Mat work that will leave you sore in all the right places. Pilates is a beautiful method that helps aid in healing the body of the aches and pains that ail it.  

Furthermore, Pilates is also great at kicking your butt when you need a good butt kicking too. Not that “beating down, worn out, kicking your butt, to the point where you feel physically sick” butt kicking.  It’s rather that deep, just right where you need it, kicking, couldn’t get to those spots any other way, work out.

Let’s talk mat work: mat work can be done anywhere!  In your hotel room, your office, or in my studio.  Mat work can be 10 minutes of a wake up and get moving, or 30 minutes of level 4-5.

  • Just doing the hundred to awaken the belly and spine and circulation, while stabilizing the shoulder girdle and the hips at the same time.  Pilates awakens the whole system and leaves the belly screaming.
  • Moving into the roll up, while deepening into the hips. Using every single muscle in the body while properly articulating the bend of the spine, leaves the core knowing you used every bit of it.  

  • Now on to single leg circle: when you stand in your opposite leg and use both the strength of your strong back muscles, and then wrapping into your oblique’s, it becomes a fierce core exercise that twists out all of the congestion that’s in the way. 

  • Going right into rolling like a ball: for anyone who’s been taught this, one already knows it is all back muscles and all belly muscles, all tone, all the way.

  • This leads us into stomach series and you don’t need to go any further…Joseph Pilates knew what he was doing when he designed these exercises. The stomach series is one exercise after another to develop endurance in the core.  This series will leave you knowing why Pilates is not just for women. It’s why Pilates works very well for athletes and why it’s good for the young, old, and everyone in between.  

This is a snap shot of what a mat workout would be. It’s awesome. There’s nothing like it anywhere. It’s convenient.  It’s fun!  Join me this fall for mat by giving me a call at 303-243-0570 or sending me an e-mail at