“Civilisation impairs physical fitness.”  –  Joseph Pilates

Connection to your center:
the center of your body, the center of your soul. Bringing your mind to center can reduce anxiety.

Correct full breaths can reduce anxiety and depression. It can help return the body, mind, and soul to balance.

Squeezing deeply into your organs while you twist can help rid the body of toxic thoughts and feelings.

Regular pilates sessions can leave you feeling stronger and help you to move through life with a sense of ease. Pilates may also make those high anxiety days less intense. Regular exercise may also help ward off depression. Pilates can help heighten your sense of well being and also helps you to work on being more embodied.

When you are embodied, when you practice living in the moment, you are less likely to be living in the past, or worrying about the future. This can greatly reduce stress and anxiety. Pilates is great therapy: give it a try!

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