Today, and many days when I teach, I was in awe of the wonderful lift Pilates gives my clients.

It’s a lift through the belly, spine, and whole body, that just can’t be denied. This wondrous lift gives lightness to your step. It lifts your pelvic floor, lifts your bones up, and aligns them.

There’s another lift I see daily in my studios: that’s the lightness pilates gives to peoples hearts. It helps lift the heavy day off peoples shoulders. It gives them a break from the world. It helps them step away from their problems for bit. Yes, this lightness is my favorite … to see people leave with a lighter load.

That deep internal shower that pilates gives you helps to wash away stress. It gives you a new perspective on problems.

So, that pilates lift, you know it, if you’ve been in. If not, I invite you to come to one of my studios. You may just leave feeling lifted in body and in spirit!

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