It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It can be done in your back yard. Make a list of the fun things you like to do most, going into August. Start making memories now.
  1. On the top of my list is to go camping, at least once, maybe twice. That’s right. Camping, in the mountains – in a tent!
  2. Invite great people over for a BBQ and serve fancy drinks.
  3. Find a river and float down it, on a warm sunny day.
  4. Go for a great hike and enjoy an evening picnic.
  5. Swim ~ a lot!
  6. Run or walk a lot.
  7. Spend the night on the trampoline watching the stars.
  8. Take my time.
  9. Enjoy my family, again, take my time.
  10. Go to the beach, even if it looks odd in Colorado.
  11. Ride my horse.
  12. Go on one road trip.
Okay, there’s my summer list. What is yours? It will be August soon! Summer will have come and gone before we know it. It’s time for summer dreaming and doing!
Make your list now, or if you need help coming up with some fun ideas, give me a call at 303-243-0570, or drop me a line at