It’s that wonderful time. Swimming, sunsets, watermelon. Late evening walks.
Early morning birds and flowers.

Summer ~ the best time of the year! Sweet smelling fruit. Huge, crunchy, green salads. Fresh made lemonade.
BBQ’s, feet in the sand. Bathing suits hanging in the bathroom to dry. Late night swimming. Camping. Hot chocolate by the camp fire. Sparklers. Marshmallows melted over chocolate and graham crackers.

No schedule, just freedom and joy. Rollercoasters ~ wind in my hair. Trampoline in the moonlight while crickets sing.
Hikes through the glorious mountains, God has so perfectly designed. Sweaty early morning pilates. Long long runs. Fireworks that light up the sky. Family gatherings. Big parties, with lots of whip cream and strawberries. Frozen delights.
Kids running and laughing.
Summer. I love summer! Pure joy, the best time of the year.

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