Has an interesting feel, doesn’t it? To a perfectionist like me, it can leave me with an overwhelming loud scream inside! A self dialogue similar to this…“Okay, down time, good ~ What can I accomplish during this down time? Yay! I think I can get caught up on paper work, or business. Or reading books towards advancing my career.” I’ve literally lived my entire life like this.

This seems great, right? Productive, right? To a girl who promotes health, wellness, and balance? Not so much. It’s being non-stop driven to the core. And what is the drive? What is this root issue, I ask? As a pilates studio owner/ teacher, and an eating wellness coach, I will tell you – it’s a fear of falling behind. Of failing. Of not being good enough. Of not keeping up. Keeping up with who, I wonder? My expectations of my own self are beyond what I would ever expect of my best friend, or anyone else. They are unobtainable. Part of my struggle with self.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have down time? Real, good-ole-fashion, down time? Walk on a beach, read a good book. How does one breathe? How does one not come out of their skin and sit still? Really sit still and enjoy? I must admit, I’m still working on it. If I workout really hard, I can achieve sitting still and melt into a good conversation. But honestly, shouldn’t one be able to just do this naturally? No pre-workout needed?
So I’m most definitely a work in progress, as of June, 2018. I’m still working on learning how to enjoy down time…

Do you struggle with relaxing? Do you struggle with finding down time? Give me a call at 303-243-0570, or send me an email at Pilatesinparker@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!