What better time than Spring to refresh your workout, your diet, your closet, your mind? It’s out with the old. Out with what isn’t working anymore and bring in what will.

Time for clutter and dust to be removed. Fresh spring smells to fill up the empty spaces. Give away what you don’t need or use. Leave space in your home for fresh ideas, to move, to breath.

Wake up in the morning to a stretch or walk. Add in some pilates. Take a run. Feel the warm afternoon sun on your face and the possibilities in the air.

Drink in more greens and fruit. Feel the energy and freshness. Change your mind. Start something new. Complete what isn’t finished. Make a new list. Sleep in an hour later or wake up with the birds.

If you can’t refresh the old, get rid of it.
If you don’t use it – honestly, give it to someone who can. This will open space for creativity to flow. New ideas to happen. Life to refresh and revitalize.

Spring is a great time to try something new. New food, a new walk, or even a new book. How about trying that one thing you have been too afraid to try? The one thing you have been putting off.

If you would like some help with a fresh outlook this Spring, give me a call at 303-243-0570 or email me at pilatesinparker@yahoo.com.