In a world where things seem turned on it’s head. Mixed up and baffling.
Where hope seems ripped out of our hands. How do we stand? How do we dream? How do we envision a tomorrow that makes sense?

How do we change the thick film of evil we feel in the air? The hopelessness we see in our youth? What is our part in the collective problem? Can we change the wickedness to love?

What’s your vision for tomorrow? Do you have one?

A place where innocent people don’t get shot. For any reason. A place where children are loved and cared for ~ not sold.
A place where old people are honored. Not sent away. Where people can dream and achieve. That’s not just for the few. It’s for everyone. A place where people have enough food. And shelter isn’t an issue.

Vision for tomorrow can be big or small, but you have to have one. Begin working towards this vision. What is your part in the bigger picture?  We have to solve it together.

There’s a reason people feel hopelessness. Can you help them find the light? Can you help pull someone up? Can you change the outlook for tomorrow? Change starts with us. With each one of us.