Connection. Intimacy. Really. This can be easy for some, and near impossible for others.
True connections can be hit or miss. It takes effort and risk. Investment and time.

It’s not just about clicking with someone, it’s deeper than that. It’s hearing another person speak and caring about what they say. Hearing the details and feeling what they feel for that moment. Being in their shoes. Being like-minded. Celebrating when celebrating is called for. Laugh when it’s time to laugh, and cry when another needs you to feel their pain.
Everyone needs connection. Without connection we fail to thrive. Without it, we slowly die. Without it, there is no truth. No depth.

How to connect – it’s risk. Vulnerability.
Unveiling the real you. No masks. Pure heart.  You may be rejected. But there’s a chance that healing can begin. Is it worth the risk?

We can keep going down this road. Half awake. Or we can decide to wake up fully.
To engage. To connect. To dive in. The clock is ticking. No one knows when their time is up. Whether you are young or old. Don’t waste the moments that are precious. Reach out. Take that risk – try touching someone’s soul. Show yours. See what could unfold.

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