Some people say we are here to learn how to love, that the whole purpose of this journey down here is about learning to love more.

You hear about near-death experiences and the message is always around love. Learning to love. Learning to love those who are difficult to like.

Who helps us to love? Where does love come from? That makes us face we are not alone. We are not without something much bigger than ourselves.  And then that makes us ask the question, “What is God trying to show us the most about this journey?”
To love these impossible people. These difficult neighbors. These unfriendly drivers. People with different views.  People who do unspeakable things.

How do we learn to love better? How do we walk that road? Make that choice? If that’s the real reason, we are here until we get that right. To learn to love the unloveable. To love those who hate us. To love our enemy … I’ve come to the conclusion we can’t do this alone. It’s impossible. We are too human. We need help from above, from a power higher than ourselves. We can’t do it within our own strength.  To love bigger and better, we need God.  Anything less is superficial, anything less will not help heal the world, any less won’t do.

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