In your center, deep down, what are you avoiding? In your workout, with your food, what are you avoiding? In your center ~ what is it that you skim over, or maybe flat

Is it deeper? If you stop to take a breath and be brave, can face it? Even if it’s just for a moment? Can you get a glimpse of your truth? Of what’s been bothering you? Of what needs to be taken care?

Somehow we know deep down we hold the key. We hold the answer. If we face our fears, they simply have no power over us. If we do that thing we know we need to do, life will fall into place.

Moving into your center, feeling your breath. Trusting~ being brave. That you have this. This won’t be the end, but the beginning.

It’s time. It’s time for change like never before. It’s time for you to become who you were fully meant to be.

Look into what scares you, go with a friend, talk to a coach. But go! Do not lose another minute. What you avoid could hold your potential.

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