Why? Why is quiet time essential?
To be still. Away from everyone. Unplugged. Away from the noise of the world. Away from others opinions. Getting quiet means to get rid of all other people, all chatter in your head. You know – we all have it, the opinions of others, be they good or bad. Or teacher, or pastor, or doctors, or friends. Turning off all the chatter. Clearing the noise, so we can hear something higher.
So we can hear, feel the voice of God.
If we don’t take time to be quiet – to be away from all the noise of others, we will never receive clarity from above.
You do not need to be religious, in a church, or with someone who is more spiritual, to hear the voice of God.
Simply put – you may need to go for a walk, sit outside, feel the breeze, or even just take in the the fresh air.
Hear the birds. Maybe you need a good long nap and a hot bath. Quiet time. Moments to read. To pray. To think.
A long run. A short walk. Time playing your favorite instrument, or listening to your favorite song. What ever it is that quiets the noise.
Do that. Just for ten minutes, or even as long as the whole day. Often.
Hear the snow fall, hear the soft message.
Be still to feel the spirit whisper. Feel the breath of God. Find quiet to understand what is next. Find space to understand how to move from center.
If you would like help in finding peace or quiet in the New Year, give me a call at 303-243-0570 or drop me an email at pilatesinparker@yahoo.com.