Moving into 2018 isn’t all about how to do the keto diet correctly. It’s deeper than that. Layers deeper. The superficial shell in which it seems in the western world we are obsessed with, making sure the outer shell looks perfect, we may neglect the true body health, and forget the mind and spirit all together.

However, if the mind lacks balance, the body will suffer. Also, if the spirit is denied time, the whole thing will eventually come crashing down. It may look like a heart attack, or a car accident, or even an injury of some sort. Nonetheless, it’s all the same, lack of balance some where in the system: whether it be in mind, body, or spirit, must be balanced to be truly balanced.
It’s 2018. We are more sophisticated than ever before. We are being called: to live wiser, to live better, to listen to the earth around us, to hear what our body is truly saying. We are more than the shell. We have much more to say and do. Now is the time.

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