In the big picture, size doesn’t matter for pilates. You can receive all the amazing benefits now!

Breath ~ increasing your lung expansion can literally change your life. Changing how deeply you breath changes your energy and your metabolism. How clearly you think. How well your organs function.

Flow ~ learning to flow through pilates movements not only changes your body, it changes your mind. Relaxing into the flow reduces stress and improves coordination.

Concentration ~ pilates, a great pilates practice, naturally increases concentration. As you focus your whole self on each exercise, and the details of your body moving through them, you can’t help but improve your concentration.

Control ~ pilates is just this: perfect control of mind and body. It is the essence of being embodied. It doesn’t matter your shape or size, the work is the work, and there is beauty in that.


Centering ~ from the beginning in the pilates work we learn movement from our center. There is literally no movement from any other way. Whether you are tiny or large, pilates moves are the same: from the middle of your core.

Precision ~ pilates is precision and this is beautiful. Moving with accuracy, with breath, with purpose, with total embodiment. Moving with your heart and soul. This is pilates.

It doesn’t matter your shape or size, nor does it matter your age, pilates is literally for everyone. From the child to the senior, the mother to the athlete. You name it.

If you would like to benefit from these six pilates principals, I would be more than happy to guide your journey. Give me a call at 303-243-0570 or email me at