So I think we all heard the whisper…..heart burn, head ache, sore feet, insomnia, tight back, sore shoulders and neck. You name it, I could go on and on with the way the body whispers soft messages to us.

We have a choice. Ignore it and let the symptoms build, or listen to the whisper and do something about it.

The body has great wisdom, sometimes beyond what our rational brain can figure out. In other words, our body tells the truth. It shows neglect, and it also shows answers to the problems we have been searching for in our brain to solve.

That stomach ache can be the solution to the problem you are avoiding at work or at home. That headache can be the warning sign you are taking on too much and not dealing with your need for down time.

Your body’s symptom is the solution to your problem, nearly every time. What is your body telling you in a whisper right now? Does it have to become a loud scream for you to listen?

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