Staying positive: even on the rough days

We all have them.  Days that we don’t even  want to get out of bed. Days we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When the road seems too long.  When we struggle, we struggle to find meaning in life.  Purpose. 

It seems the world is going a million miles an hour without a bigger worthy goal.  

Families are falling apart. Children are being used, and things are being worshiped.  It’s enough to get a person down.  People are moving at a ridiculous speed, being pushed to go faster and faster.  All for what?  To miss what really matters?  Staying positive on the days where it’s hard is just that: focusing on what really matters.  Letting the rest roll off of you. Literally …

Staying positive takes patience, but it is so well worth it!  It’s creating a rainbow where you are.  It’s changing the world, one breath, one person, one step, at a time.  It is changing your world around you.  Within your reach.  We can’t change it all, but we can make a difference.  We need to do that today, no matter if we are happy or we are sad.  We must go out and try our best to make that difference.  We can do that in our families, our careers, and our communities.  That is what will pull you out of bed on those days when it’s rough.  The people, the kids in need. 

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