Being fluid.  Flow.  

Grace – smooth transitions.  Pilates.  

Flow is one of the 6 principals of pilates. Without flow, pilates feels rigid and stuck. 

Fluidity in life seems to be an essential element.  Without it, we too get stuck.  Life as well starts to feel too rigid.  

So how do you flow when you have lost your flow in life?  You probably know what  I’m going to say: take pilates!  Well, yes, that helps.  Watching and listening to children also helps. They haven’t lost their fresh fluidity by the stresses of life yet.  At least the ones who are not stressed out themselves haven’t. 

Music also helps ~ any kind that you love. Listening to it.  Dancing to it.  Singing to it. It helps return the flow. 

Nature. Nature helps us find fluidity -getting out in nature, moving in nature. Breathing fresh air.  Seeing beauty. 

Water. Fresh water.  Putting your feet in fresh water. Hearing a river flow.  An ocean crash against the shore. A lake’s waves breaking against the sand. 

Do something new today.  Something small, something big.  It doesn’t matter: something that shakes things up. This could really help you find a new, fresh, fluidity. 

Without flow, we become rigid, stiff, inflexible.  Literally.  In life and in body.  

If you would like some help implementing fluidity in your life, give me a call at 303-243-0570 or drop me a line at  I look forward to hearing from you!