Contrology – self control, control of ones body, control of ones mind.  How can this help you fight depression?

Pure focus, perfect aim, putting all of your self into your body to complete a pilates exercise with perfect control takes us far away from our stress. It relieves us.  It reduces inflammation in the body and reduces stress in our mind.  It gives us that necessary break that we need, to help us gather ourself, to come back and take a fresh look at things.  We may even find that whatever was making us depressed simply needs to be put on the shelf.  Getting out of your head is a good thing.  Getting into the body is healing.

On the flip side, control of the mind – being able to learn to refocus the mind from a sad or negative thought, takes some practice.  This is possible.  A letting go.  A picking up of what is needed.  What will serve you, help others, and ultimately be the best choice. 

Practicing pilates can help you let go of negative thought patterns, simply by making you aware.  It can set new tracks. 

New road ways of hope. New possibilities. 

Pilates can ignite a new sense of excitement in your body and in your soul – leaving sadness and depression behind. 

Give it a try.  Give me a call at 303-243-0570.  Let’s start your pilates journey and leave depression behind.