One of the 6 principals of pilates is precision.

Accuracy – on target. With perfect control.

From the middle. With breath.  You can’t have precision without the rest. 

Precision grows from the middle. It streams from the breath, it wraps from the center of your belly, and stretches to the ends of your mind. It takes all of you.  

Precision means you are on target. It happens only when you are completely present. 

Precision – a pilates principal ~ an essential element in the method. To execute from your heart perfect control of every cell of your body. Down to the very moment of when you breath in and when you breath out.  This beautiful dance becomes second nature as you practice pilates. 

Ah ~ what glory to feel that control in the body!  It might just be one of the few moments available to us to free our mind of worry and stress and simply move. 

Pilates benefits all ages. Beginner or athlete – it’s for all. 

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