Could falling in love with taking care of yourself be Godly?  Does it matter?   

Taking care of our self is all over the cover of every magazine. Our culture is inundated with it.  It’s the theme in many mind-body classes.  But what does it mean?  Is it ultimately selfish?  Do we really understand it?  We run around in our busyness and do what seems to be taking care of ourselves.  Is this what we are doing?  Are we taking care of the interior as well as we take care of the exterior?

Is there time in your life for the spiritual side of things?  Or do you feel that it’s sort of pushed to a very small corner of left over time, which none of us have?  Could finding time to balance your mind, body, and spirit (the spirit piece not being the least important of the these) be just as important?   Could taking care of this piece of you be the missing link to whole-body wellness?  Is taking care of the spiritual side the missing link?  

So back to my first question: Is taking care of yourself Godly?