Listen up – your body is speaking!

Can you hear it?  Your body is telling the story – past, present, and future.  Sending you wisdom.  Get out of your head, get into your body.  Feel.

Your body needs your presence.  It needs your attention.  It needs your time.

Don’t ignore it.  Or else the messages it sends you will have to get loader.

You can’t run from your body’s messages, you can only respond.  If you respond to it well, it will lead you to the answers you’ve been looking for.  It will return you to balance.

Your body will lead you to the inspiration you have been longing for.  However; if you ignore your body’s signals for things like sleep, down time, fresh air, fruits and vegetables, there may be a high price to pay.

If you keep pushing your body through lack of sleep, fueling the body on adrenaline, coffee, and sugar, to meet deadlines, the price is high.  Your body will stop you dead in your tracks .

Will you listen?  Will you take the time?

Will you care for your one body?
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