Inner Peace

How do you obtain it?  What is it?  Why is it important?
Can we strive for it?  Can we earn it?

Inner peace ~ can be from our Higher Power.  Our confident voice from above.  Inner peace can be from knowing you are on the right track.  It can come from giving to or serving others.  It’s a knowing.

Inner peace ~ today you can start with something as simple as taking a deep breath. Taking it one step at a time.  Inner peace allows you to face life’s storms.  When you don’t have all the answers, when you can’t see a clear way.  It’s a sense of knowing things will be okay, that there is a bigger purpose that you may not be able to see at this moment. But with a sense of calmness you know that you will make it to the other side.

Inner peace let’s you sleep.  What’s your calling?  Are you pursuing it?  What’s your life’s purpose?  Are you doing it?  What’s your life’s work?  Have you found it?  Inner peace can come from your intuition.  Following your intuition ~ can give you inner peace.  Ignoring it can cause much conflict.

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