The in between, state of limbo,
what’s to be learned when you are here?
Is this a test of strength? Is this a place where we have the opportunity to reinvent our life. Is the in between a workout room for your body, mind, and soul?
The in between can hurt. When ever we attempt to stretch too far we can feel the pain.
When we go to new places with our heart and mind our physical bodies can feel the discomfort.
When we don’t have the answers we need. A decision can feel like an impossibility.
Can we celebrate life and have unmovable joy in that place in between?
Can we learn to be content and present in the waiting period?
Can we hold onto our faith during this time? No matter how far out the answers may be?
Can we take a breath here? Can we smile here? Can we be excited here? Can we keep moving forward into this unfamiliar land?