What I mean by “what has been your struggle”, is not what is today’s struggle, but what has been your life struggle?
What has been that one thing that is a thorn in your side? The burden you can’t seem to drop? That one thing in life that has been extremely personal and hard?
What does it look like? Mount Everest? Or a long long run you just can’t ever seem to get to the end of? Or does it have a color? Is it dark and scary? Does it have a texture? Is it rough and unorganized? Does it have a feeling like dread or flat out fear?
Is it a battle you engage in, but you just keep losing at? Is it that feeling of not being enough? Not measuring up? Does it drive you to escape? Does it press you to abuse yourself?
I’m talking about the root of what drives us at the core level. Do you think that we (at least on some level) believe God made some mistakes?
Maybe it’s that you were born into a family that was lacking in love. Maybe it’s that the stuff that feeds your soul just wasn’t there for you.
Maybe you lacked parents, either physically or emotionally. It may have left you trying to fill the void with everything else.
We can do a good job of starving our way to “love”. Drinking our way to “numb”. Eating our way to “stuff the pain”. We can engage in meaningless sex to create distraction.
What could you do today? To show yourself grace, rather then condemn? To see answers through the struggle? To see hope through the journey? To tell your story, so others may heal as well?
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